Pathways Education Centre

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Phone: 011 25 85 181

Address: 300, Havelock Road,

Colombo 05


Welcome to Pathways Education Centre

Pathways is a professional education centre, located at the heart of Colombo, specializing in Mathematics and Science for children studying for GCE OL, IGCSE and AS/A2 Examinations.

Our centre uses effective and simple techniques to give the students the ability and confidence they need to tackle their studies head on and achieve brilliant grades at Edexcel, Cambridge and Local Examinations.

Our study sessions are designed to motivate students to progress at their own pace and succeed so they are never overwhelmed. We try to ensure that students do their studies because achievement is not only rewarding, it is fun.

Our facilities include fully air-conditioned classrooms, comfortable seats and wide tables to ensure a conducive environment for learning.

Pathway Study Notes

Pathway Study Notes include text, worksheets, summary notes and exercises. These are specifically designed for GCE OL (English medium), IGCSE and AS/A2 examinations and are very useful in helping students to learn faster and more effectively

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Personalized Teaching

We offer one-to-one personalized teaching in a group setting of 4 - 6 students. Our personalized teaching provides the students with the best opportunity to progress at their own pace and succeed in examinations.

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Revision Classes

We offer revision classes to further support students prior to their exams, including seminars conducted by experienced teachers and mock examinations to build their confidence.

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We assess students’ progress on regular basis and provide them with feedback for continuous improvement. We offer parents valuable advice on how to sustain their children's progress all the way through to exams.

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